The Auction Method

Rick Kniepkamp
Rick Kniepkamp RK Statewide Auction Service
Thank-you for considering RK Statewide Auction Service for your real estate needs. We have been in the auction business for over 30 years and have become the largest real estate auction company in the state of Montana and part of North Dakota. We are committed to the belief that the “auction method” will bring the highest sale price. In the past few years we have successfully marketed and sold over 50 properties.

See below to learn more about the benefits of using “The Auction Method”

Why the auction method?

1. If you price your property at $500,000.00, you cannot get $650,000.00, only the auction method gives you that opportunity.

2. The “Sky is the limit!” It sells when you want it to and you never wonder, “Did I price it too low?”

3. Limit liability. The property sells “As Is-Where Is.”

4. You are in control. By setting an auction date you set a deadline for the Buyers, they have to make a decision at that moment or they lose!

5. Your property will sell in less time than the average listing agreement and you pick the day for the sale, not the Buyer.

6. On the day of the sale, you have more than one buyer they have to compete for your property and they have a limited amount of time to think about it.

7. You, the Seller always have the final say as to whether the bid is acceptable or not. There is no need to worry about “giving my property away.” All of our sale bills state, “The owners have the right to accept or reject the final bid.”

8. An Attorney of your choosing will handle the closing, usually in 30 to 60 days.

9. We advertise intensively, national classified ads, national magazine ads. Each property is different so we try to “target market” your property. We have a “Hot” list of buyers that have expressed interest in purchasing land in the last 18 months.

Each property is unique, not all properties will work at auction. Let us take a look at your property and explore whether the “Auction Method” is for you. Please give me a call to discuss your property.

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